Ehrlich Residence – Santa Monica

This amazing Santa Monica home features drywall details such as flush mount baseboard, riglet wrapped stair staircase, several skylights and smooth wall finish throughout home with hidden coves for blinds and curff metal around door jams.

The house employs the following active green technologies: Santa Monica’s first gray water system, which filters much of the house’s waste water for use by the garden; a 4-kilowatt rooftop photovoltaic system that supplies 85% of the house’s power; and a highly efficient in-floor radiant heating system. Recycled or sustainably produced materials not already noted include: recycled cotton insulation; sustainably harvested wood stairs and floors; formaldehyde-free MDF cabinets; low VOC paint; and quartz countertops. The house has been the subject of several university lectures and is on the cover of Santa Monica’s influential “Residential Green Building Guide.” .


Principal-in-Charge: John Friedman
Project Team: Alice Kimm, John Martin, Leigh Christy, Pauline Shu, Matthew Nesbitt
Project Assistant: Elsye Alam
Structural Engineer: William Koh and Associates, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Orange Street Studio
Lighting Design: FIRE Ltd., Light Vision
General Contractor: Bonomo Development
Photography: Fotoworks


Craig Ehrlich


2006 AIA/Los Angeles, Decade Award
2003 AIA/Los Angeles, Citation Award


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